Enter the World of Gaea


Gaea, monde autrefois florissant et plein de vie, fut bâti par les Dieux. Mais après avoir ravagé la planète lors de leurs guerres intestines, ils sont partis, abandonnant l’humanité à son sort, et la laissant hériter d’un monde fragilisé.

The latter, distraught, sank into an age of terror. Unceasingly, the fights raged and the Men were reduced to an almost wild state.

A thousand years after the departure of the hated gods, a glimmer of hope appears: bastions of civilization have finally come into being.

Four ancient human cities, at the height of their glory, send their children to conquer the heritage of men. They travel the world, sometimes embellishing it, sometimes debasing it, because in their hearts, as in that of every man, we find glory as we find fear.

Nodiskaal, Sveiberg, Sapheron and Xilhua are the names of cities and peoples that have emerged from the age of terror.

Vous êtes un héritier de ces peuples légendaires, et avez pour tâche de mener l’humanité vers un nouvel âge d’or.



Serez-vous le sauveur de l’espèce, ou l’apôtre de sa destruction ?




The War of the Kings


Le premier royaume humain à sortir de l’âge de la terreur fut Sapheron. After a long war, the great King managed to rally clans and tribes under one banner. 200 years after the departure of the Cowardly Gods, a star was born. Sapheron the beautiful, Sapheron the great, whose name still resonates today in the tales and legends of humanity.


Led by the legendary King Khetep, the men and women of Sapheron have built a kingdom made to last a millennium. From the great Horse Lords of the Al Mansarra Desert to the more refined peoples of the Hexarion, all have recognized Khetep the great as the hero he was.


But like any star, the light of a great King eventually burns out. Thus, the King could not bring himself to designate an heir to the throne before dying, leaving his two sons, twins, to share power. This skillful duo followed him from an early age, participating in his conquests and his glory.


Khepri,renowned for his kindness and courage, and Khonsour, renowned for his talent for strategy and his wisdom, will have to do everything to protect Sapheron from threats of the North. Because now, only love unites them and brings them to face the dangers that threaten this rebuilt humanity. What they do not yet know is that the greatest threat to man is himself, and that love, if it is the highest of virtues, can be perverted by the quest for absolute power.


An echo in time resounds, like a cloud of tears, a dark melody that still calls today, the glory of the past and the black shadows, Sapheron the forgotten, Sapheron the cursed.






  • Explore the different points of interest on the continent and find out what happened to the world of Gaea
  • Discover new kingdoms, new cultures and manage your relationships with them
  • Discover new resources and new sources of power


  • Expand your territory by claiming new regions
  • Build colonies in conquered regions
  • Manage your population according to your foreign policy choices
  • Take care to watch your vassals


  • Accumulate resources, construct new buildings in your cities and improve your troops
  • Focus your finances and your work force on infrastructure construction, military development or intra-national or international trade
  • Manage the flow of resources in your empire
  • Use new materials to forge new weapons for your troops
  • Get into horse breeding and other creatures


  • Make war on a large scale: each fight takes place on a dedicated RTS map.
  • Use your hero to control battles directly or call a general who will take care of things for you
  • Cast devastating spells that can destroy a city, make the land sterile or corrupt
  • Summon magical creatures